The workshop schedule is released 2 weeks before the congress


  • Workshops will be held in all levels, beginners, improvers, intermediates and advanced.There will be at least 60 workshops hours of various level.
  • The precise workshop schedule will be made available within the last 2 weeks prior of the event.
  • Workshops will include turn patterns, men’s and ladies footwork, styling and shines, partner work, leading and following techniques, spinning and much more.
  • You do not have to come with a partner at the workshops, as we will encourage the teachers to rotate partners during the classes.
  • Below is a guide to help you decide which classes you should attend. If you are not sure how to decide which classes to attend, ask your dance teacher.

Beginner You have no experience or are not yet confident with basic steps, leading or following.

Improver You should be confident with the basic steps and can now lead basic turn patterns as a man or follow simple turn patterns and turn comfortably as a woman.

Intermediate Men: You have a good repertoire of turn patterns with the capacity to move easily from one pattern to the next. You will also be able to execute hand changes & directional changes with better balance and more styling whilst keeping in time to the music. Women: You should be able to follow complex turn patterns comfortably and have the ability to demonstrate some interpretive footwork and body styling. You should also be tackling double spins with increasing confidence with a view to perfecting your technique.

Advanced Men: You have the capacity to remember & skilfully lead a series of complex moves with continuity & styling. You understand the Afro-Cuban origins of the music and can tune in easily to the underlying clave or percussive beat and their respective timings. Women: Multiple turns, spins and intricate following are no problem for you. You move like a dance Diva! Intricate footwork is challenging, but fun for you. It will not frustrate you or give you a brain meltdown. You are also a seasoned dancer who understands the value of simplicity.