Please read through the information below and follow the links at the bottom

Please note you need to fill out a separate registration form for each person who is coming to the event. For example if you are registering for you and for your partner you will need to fill in the registration form twice with the correct details each time. For each registration submission, you will get a booking reference number and a password which will enable you to manage your registration online. Please save them for future reference and you will be asked for your booking number at the event.

Use the form to register for both the event and accommodation at the Grecian Park & Grecian Bay. Please note that the accommodation total will not be calculated directly as the administrator will need to assign you to a room first to calculate the total. However, you can go ahead and pay the pass using PayPal or JCC if you wish so and then pay the hotel later.


Once you’ve registered you can login to your account and make changes to your accommodation or pass using the following link: