How it all began…


It was on a cool Monday evening in London, 2004, that the SalsaCyprus gang was unwinding in Covent Garden and Leicester Square, having attended another UK Salsa Congress, with a wonderful performance by Christos & Elena Shakallis representing Cyprus.  This group of friends returned to London with the best of memories. While sitting at a cosy café enjoying a hot cup of coffee, all felt the need to communicate these great experiences to all the salseros in Cyprus. And there came the idea… Let’s bring the Salsa Congress Experience in Cyprus!!! The excitement, passion and energy of all members turned this idea into a reality, and what a successful one! The SalsaCyprus team promises to bring this event back every year, improved, refreshed and always a great value for money!

Christos, Co-founder, Promoter, Director
Christos is running the biggest dance school in Cyprus with more than 5 studio locations across the Nicosia capital. He has been dancing since the age of 4 and with his sister Elena organise and execute many many classes, events, performances throughout the calendar year. They have won a number of awards both nationally and abroad, and have also represented Cyprus on numerous dance international festivals. Both have attended dance congresses abroad many times over, mostly for holidays and for occasionally performing & teaching. Christos is very influential in the Cyprus Dance Scene not only for number of his students, his deep knowledge of dance history of Cyprus but the cultural impact of the Shakallis Dance School the last 40 years. Christos leads the SalsaCyprus team and take cares a little bit of everything.

Ronis, Social Media & Artists Manager Ronis is the youngest and newest member of our organising team.  An energetic and passionate individual with a Business Management background. Ronis brings a touch of freshness and a new strategic mindset enhancing the team’s dynamics. His involvement in dancing began since he was 7 years old. His training in dance involves various dances,however, salsa is his passion!!! Since then he never stopped. He is a member of the Shakallis Dance School professional team and counting numerous performances locally, on national television and abroad! Moreover, because of his passion in Latin music, he became a DJ since 2010. He played in various events around the island as well as in international salsa festivals abroad!