March 2020



Dear Salseras y Salseros,


It is with great regret and beyond our control that we are in the uncomfortable situation to announce that the 15th Cyprus Salsa Congress is unavoidably postponed.

This is due to the rapid and threatening spread of the corona-virus in Europe, in the region and locally. This was no easy decision on the one hand, yet, not an option on the other. Therefore, following all public precautions in Europe and clearly understanding that this is for the maximum benefit for all, having your health & safety as our number one priority, the event is being postponed.

We have been looking for alternative dates later in the year, in a safe period, yet, there has not been any other dates available due to:

  1. Summer is a high season and everything is almost fully occupied
  2. Autumn-Winter holds other pre-scheduled events and we do not wish to interfere with those
  3. Most of the artists are booked for other events and obligations at some alternative dates proposed

Therefore, we have made the decision to postpone the 15th anniversary and move it in 2021, at our specified period. This means that the 15th edition of the Cyprus Salsa Congress WILL take place, a year ahead with the new dates being 26 – 29 MARCH 2021.

We have been planning this for a long time now, and have been expecting it more than ever before as it would have been a truly festive 15th anniversary. Tremendous amount of work, planning, and a lot of execution was already in place with a considerable cost involved when this decision had to be taken.

We do understand that most of you have paid for your congress pass and venue accommodation. This payment is automatically transferred for 2021, with the existing rates that were announced for 2020. Should you not wish to attend in 2021 you will be refunded the full amount. Any new booking for the 15th edition in 2021 will be made with the new rates applicable for 2021. Another alternative is to keep your reservation and transfer/re-sell your pass and room booking to another participant should you are unable to attend.

Our Congress is all about creating unforgettable memories in the most positively impactful way. This, unfortunately, is not possible for this April. Therefore, we re-new our reunion and grand celebrations for next year, expecting this to be bigger and better than ever before!

We fully appreciate and thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this situation and we are always here to make your experience with us excellent and memorable!

Stay Safe,

The SalsaCyprus Team