COVID-19 Information

Event is for fully vaccinated and recovered individuals

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MUST READ – Covid Regulations Reminder: 

• Upon checking in at the registration desk and based on the governmental regulations and guidelines, you will be asked to present the following:

1. Proof of identification (ID or Passport)

2. Fully vaccination certificate (Official vaccination certificates via or vaccination cards)


Valid COVID-19 recovery certificate (Official recovery certificate via

• Please note that merely a PCR/Rapid test does NOT comply with the current government regulations so these are not accepted, but are recommended in any case for all attendees.
• Due to covid measures, group leaders cannot claim passes on behalf of someone else.
• Registration will be open on Friday 15:00 till late. Saturday and Sunday from 10am.
• The above entry requirements are also required for party pass and single day pass holders as well.

Dear Latin Dancer,




Strictly Limited Spaces – Access Only to Pass Holders – Book Yours NOW!


The Salsa Cyprus team is putting all final pieces together for this long-waited salsa congress on 24-28 March 2022!*

In order to comply with the government regulations currently in place, and be able to carry out this event, ALL attendees need to have, either:
a. A full vaccination certificate, or,
b. A covid19 recovery certificate valid for not more than three months from the date of departure from the event.
These certificates must be presented and checked upon arrival to the event. Lack of providing such certificates will restrict entrance to the hotel and/or event. Please note that merely a PCR/rapid test does NOT comply with the current regulations and access to the hotel and/or event will be denied, yet in the event that this option becomes available you will be informed at the time. However, we HIGHLY recommend that you get tested BEFORE arriving to the event, for your own safety and everyone around you.

For our international guests, entry requirements & procedures can be found here:

All activities will be carried out normally (Parties, Workshops, Shows) while masks for participants are not mandatory. It is important though to mention that both the hotel management and the event organisers cooperate closely to adhere to all safety measures; masks will be used by staff where required, disinfectant gels/sprays will be located in designated locations, strictly the max no. of people will be allowed in all workshop rooms, restaurants and other common areas. You are expected, however, to take all precautions and safeguard your health and those around you. In the unlikely event that you are diagnosed positive in covid19 during the event, you will be given relevant instructions as per the measures which apply by the government regulations at the time.

We understand that we are still going through a challenging period. Yet, we are optimistic and take every possible measure to make this event as safe as possible for all of us and ensure your full enjoyment.

We know you all miss this; we truly appreciate your support and count on it to bring back to our lives these energizing events that we all love! You have been waiting for this for a long time and all of us together will make this happen this coming October!

Visit our website , select your pass (limited number available) and secure your access. Spaces WILL be limited so you need to act quickly and book your pass as well as you hotel room before they sell out!

Once again, we would like to assure you that this event will run under the highest safety measures for you to have peace of mind and live every moment of the weekend.

Brush your latin shoes, get registered and let’s all get our social dancing lives back!


The Salsa Cyprus Team


*The current measures that apply at this moment, permit the organization of such events. These measures are being updated every few weeks in accordance with the epidemiological risk assessment at the time. In the unfortunate event that any future measures restrict the execution of our event, you will be notified accordingly. Full refund for your event pass will always be one of the options offered.