We invite you to register for the 12th biggest Salsa – and not only – event on the island!



If you have never, ever, experienced this event, apologies for the regret of missing out on 11 years…

If you have attended at least one, or even all eleven congresses, then you know that you know that you cannot afford NOT to register for the twelfth one !!!

It is part of our main goal to continuously improve, upgrade and enrich this event, and 2017 is no exception


Over ONE HUNDRED Artists & Performers

More Fun Animations

Specialised Workshops (Salsa On 2 and more..)

New Breathtaking Shows

Unique Pool Parties

Surprise Bootcamps


Registrations are now OPEN! This event is being promoted to more International markets than ever before and the main hotel rooms are the most popular ones to sell out first!

All the information you need, will be loaded on this site as we get closer to the event. The online registration is now available, while you may also register at a local dance school, or through our International partners.

The Cyprus Salsa Congress Experience is one that must be lived every year as it creates Unforgettable memories to all!!!!


Welcome to the 12th edition,

The SalsaCyprus team